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It’s a game of give and take

Life is everything, nothing and anything at the same time. But life is above all a game. A give-and-take game.

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You can stand under my umbrella

I’m loving lately pictures with umbrellas. Check the following pics:

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Lebanon Spring & Summer Events

Lots and lots of events, exhibitions and concerts are happening in Beirut and Lebanon this spring and summer. Since I was doing a list for myself, I decided to share it with anyone else interested as well. Here we go:

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Am I too public?

If you are present on at least one social media channel (facebook, twitter, flickr, linkedin…) I’m sure that the idea of privacy crossed your mind at least once. Facebook How much do you share on Facebook?  Who do you have … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello world! That’s the default title put by wordpress for the first post. Why not keeping the title? Being a business computing student, my first assignment was titled Hello world! Well.. hello world, this is my blog.

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