It still doesn’t feel real

Did it ever happen to you that thinking back of a bad event brings first the feeling of the good normal situation then it takes you a slow second to recall the actual one?

I’m gonna make it clearer. Let’s take the example when a dear person dies or is hurt. You are in your room busy with something and the memory of this person pops in your head, in a flash second, you have the usual warm feeling of the familiar situation and a flash second later, the bad memory comes back and you feel a squeeze in your chest.

I’m wondering why does that happen? Is it because your “emotional” memory is faster? Is it a pure reflex and with time it will be gone? And if so, how much time does it need? A couple of years would do it?

And does it feel for a second that it isn’t even real? the bad thing? or you just wish it’s not?

I’m confused…

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2 Responses to It still doesn’t feel real

  1. D says:

    It happens a lot especially when someone you care about dies. I am living this and can’ t tell you how much time it will need to go coz it has been nearly 6months and this feeling is still there. i think it doesn’t go away the frequence just change!!
    Great blog btw:)

    • Marie says:

      I’m sorry to hear that… yeah good point. Thx for checking the blog and commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ made me happy!

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