Band Jaze’e

I finally got to watch Band Jaze’e! I’ve been hearing about the band and was planning to watch them but didn’t succeed until I watched them in Beirut Music & Art Festival on Friday and then again in Mojo Jazz Club on Saturday.

This band is a pure pleasure to watch and listen to. It’s an oriental band, their repertoire is a mixture of songs and music mainly from Ziad Rahbani, Fairuz and Zaki Nassif.

The band features Georges Nehme on vocals, and six professionBand Jaze'eal musicians:
– Rayan Habre (Keyboard)
– Ghassan Sahab (Qanun)
– Faraj Hanna (Bouzouk)
– Salmen Baalbaki (Req)
– Ahmad Khatib (Percussions)
– Bachar Farran (Bass)

Georges Nehme has a very nice voice and (for girls only) is very nice to look at ;). The musicians are very talented, full of humor and some have very nice voices as well.

The band plays at Mojo Jazz Club – Hamra Street on Saturdays, you can reserve by sending an sms to +96170796279. Entrance fees are 10.000 L.L.

If you are among Ziad Rahbani / Fayrouz lovers, make sure to check the band!

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