Make a wish… Tamanna

I first heard about Tamanna Organization a couple of years ago during a Kalam-El-Nas episode because the wish of one boy was to meet Marcel Ghanem.

Tamanna is a non-profit association that has a beautiful mission and that is turning ill children tears into laughter even for a small amount of time. 750 dreams were realized so far since December 2005.

“A wish granted brings a little sunshine into lives that have been dominated by pain. It provides an escape from a difficult reality, lifting the spirits of the child and his family.”

For more details about Tamanna you can check the website, the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

And most importantly, you can donate and help Tamanna realize children dreams.

PS. James Blunt concert in BIEL on the 27th of June was a wish granted to a child and all profits will go to Tamanna.

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3 Responses to Make a wish… Tamanna

  1. Thanks a lot Marie for this thoughtful post. We really appreciate your efforts and we hope to see you at the James Blunt event 🙂

  2. pat says:

    im loving ur posts!

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