A beach experience “à la Libanaise”

Everybody talks about Lebanon NightLife… but have you ever contemplated Lebanon BeachLife?

Going to the pool or beach in Lebanon ain’t the same anymore! In the last 5 years, it has developed into an art and a way of being that I’m pretty sure is unique and never seen in any other country.

First, it is a RESORT where all the luxury and relaxing items are awaiting you. Not just pools, but restaurants, lazy chairs, beds (never understood that), Jacuzzis, a VIP section and bungalows. Entrance fees are not below 20$ and the sign shows +18 only (yeah that’s the last addition)! Then, the pool HAS to have a bar where you enjoy your alcoholic drink while “swimming” with your sunglasses on and a cigarette in the other hand.

If you think about it, it is exactly the same as going to a fancy rooftop. Just replace couches with water and you’ll get the picture. Really, think about it :

  • People start arriving after 12.
  • Girls are dressed in glowing swimsuits with heels and makeup.
  • People order bottles of wine, champagne, vodka… in buckets and are sitting on the bar sipping their drinks.
  • Music is the same.
  • Girls start dancing on the bar and everywhere.
  • (Tipsy) Guys start flirting with (tipsy) girls.

It looks like the Lebanese has transformed a relaxing day at the beach into another chance to party where you have to look your best with all matching swimsuit, slippers, dress, towel, nail polish, sunglasses…

The trend started with Edde Sands (which I believe is still the best and most beautiful) and developed into a crazy wave that has transformed Jbeil, Jounieh, Kaslik, Jieh, Rmeileh coasts into an infinite line of neighboring resorts offering a beach experience “à la Libanaise”. We, Lebanese, need to do everything in our extravaganza way to feel good about ourselves… but sometimes it is really tiring and most importantly it’s getting outrageously expensive!!!

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10 Responses to A beach experience “à la Libanaise”

  1. Aline C says:

    I never understood why beaches aren’t free in Lebanon (or at least affordable)… plus you never see anyone SWIMMING, only girls changing their bikinis every hour :/

  2. It’s been years since I was able to just go to the beach/pool and swim. You kinda have to show up extra early before the crowd to get to do that.. the pools in Göteborg are usually full of people doing laps, so if you’re just chilling “a la libanaise” in the pool you’d like a total dork.

    Worlds apart I guess..

  3. pat says:

    yea we need more casual beaches in Lebanon! Eno that’s the whole point from a day at the beach: to relax!

  4. Gaby says:

    Its so sad to have a relaxing day at the beach transformed into the usual Lebanese “look at me” frenzy….not everything is made for parties and showoff, Lebanese have lost it when it comes to the simple pleasures in life…

  5. hishamad says:

    I agree with you and with the guys commenting. Im not the typical beach goer, and definitely not the Lebanese night life attendant but having both isn’t very pleasant.
    One good aspect is that you get to have (sometimes very loud) music playing in the background (or foreground)

    I can’t afford to go to fancy beaches, and can’t afford Water Gate (its a 5-minute walk from home) so this year’s was at the public beach in Jbeil. It is a nice beach but its a bit far!

  6. Rabih says:

    I don’t get how this is a bad thing. you have nice views, comfortable mattresses and good music. Personally, I like this trend and find it very chillaxing, fun and a perfect way to spend your Sunday with friends.

  7. Dory says:

    It’s a nice way to do at night, like beach parties and stuff, but not during the day when you go to relax.
    Anyhow i have a link to a local news website with a gallery showing what this article means 🙂
    If I may publish it:


    Thank you

  8. Hello Marie!

    I follow your tweets usually, but today I went through your Blog, and I found this very interesting article about the beach in Lebanon!…I have posted recently a beach related article on my blog and I thought you might be interested in checking it: http://www.innoleh.com

    (NB: written in the spoken Lebanese language!)

    • Marie says:

      Hi Fadi!
      Thanks for checking my blog 🙂 I read your post and it’s exactly 100% my thoughts!!
      I wish we could do something about it!

  9. Frenchy says:

    Try auberge al fanar in sour south lebanon. Bikini a marvellous and clean sea. No music as well. Mostly foreigners are going there

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