James Blunt… You’re Beautiful!

Last Monday I attended James Blunt concert in Beirut thanks to Tamanna Organization.

It was a really nice concert. James Blunt is a great performer and made the crowd feel that he was performing from the bottom of his heart for them. People were able to stand in front of the stage and he let everyone feel involved in his show starting with the girls screaming at his feet to people sitting in the last row.

James Blunt said that Lebanese are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and wondered how people are looking so happy while he has very miserable songs (LOL). Despite that fact, he was full of energy on stage, switched between 2 guitars and the piano on which he stood in the final song. He even did a crowd surf where people (girls) went totally crazy, pushing and screaming like hell (very annoying).

Photo by beirutnightlife.com

James Blunt concert was a wish of Nour who got the chance to meet him in private and stood by his side on stage towards the end of the show.

James Blunt and Nour

I like James Blunt more after seeing him in concert and I like him even more for doing this gesture to Nour and Tamanna by giving them all proceeds from this show.

My friend Yasmine and I showing our support to Tamanna

You can do the same by checking the website, the Facebook page and following them on Twitter. PS. I really liked the white dress code idea 🙂

And this is James Blunt chilling on the rooftop of Le Gray in Beirut.

Photo posted by James on his facebook and twitter

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