Kate Middleton’s Fashion Style: Love or Hate?

Ever since the royal wedding, I’ve been following Kate Middleton’s appearances just to check what she’s wearing. She is carefully picking every outfit and for me it has been mostly a success so far. The Duchess has a good taste in fashion and whatever she wears is becoming a trend and getting sold out in less than 24 hours. She is adopting an elegant, simple yet noble look.

Kate Middleton wearing a black-and-white shift on a friend's wedding

Now that the royal newlyweds are touring Canada, the Duchess is changing almost 4 outfits every day and I’m very impressed with her choices, impressed enough to write a post about it!

Kate Middleton wearing a white Reiss dress with a red hat and a a maple leaf diamond brooch in honor of Canada Day

“Although she has never been seen in a pair of highly coveted Christian Louboutin shoes, or sporting a weighty Hermes Birkin on her arm, Kate still has the ability to shift thousands of copies of a simple Zara dress.” DailyMail

Kate Middleton wearing a 90$ blue Zara dress on her wedding morning

Her clothing style is feminine yet conservative. She mostly picks knee-length close-fitting dresses, boxy jacket or blazer, court shoes and a clutch bag. Sleeves are often short or three-quarter length.

I also absolutely love her natural looking hair and makeup, in addition to the sophisticated yet simple small earrings.

Kate Middleton is a great example of the French saying “La simplicité fait la beauté” (Simplicity is beauty). She looks so classy. I’m a big fan!

What about you? Love or Hate?

PS. For more of my favorite Kate Middleton looks, check this link.

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8 Responses to Kate Middleton’s Fashion Style: Love or Hate?

  1. Rana says:

    I love her style and I love her, so chic and simple !

  2. A Bare Truth says:

    She dresses according to her rank. It is nice to see someone channeling a simple style so elegantly

  3. Chantal says:

    I Like her style! So Classy!!

  4. yasmine says:

    She has a classic style – but it is expected of her as a public figure,

  5. leslie kenyon says:

    The lime green dress has to go!

  6. pat says:

    im loving those hats! and the white/red style is nice as well. she s classy overall!

  7. Aline C says:

    Her shoes might be a bit boring, but I guess she can’t do anything crazy since she’s a royal bla bla bla.
    love her style in general 🙂

  8. Dim Mang says:

    She needs some Jimmy Choos, but she dresses very elegantly and lady like. I still think she’s a bit dull and plain sometimes, though. I know she’s a Duchess now and royalty, but it’s the 21st Century! I think we’ve evolved enough to take some risks and if fashion says a statement about your personality, Catherine’s would be good, nice, and plain. I love some of her outfits, but RISKS!

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