The Social Experiment event at SkyBar

IDRAAC NGO is hosting a fundraising event that I’ll be attending at SkyBar on July 18th (ps. day of my birthday, never mind :P). What is special about this event is that it will combine social media with a party for a good cause.

The Social Experiment Event

IDRAAC is using social media to advertize for the event, and the colors of the poster are the colors used on the Facebook website. In addition, when you buy the tickets, you are advised to like the Facebook page first, so it seems that there will be a surprise at the event since the poster says that it is an interactive event using social media for better social well being, hence “The Social Experiment” title.

Me and my friends attending the event

I urge you to help this organization and get your tickets to the event. Check the Facebook page for more info. Also, Like IDRAAC page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


IDRAAC (Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care) is a non-profit NGO dedicated to mental health in Lebanon and the Arab World.
Its mission is to conduct and promote research on mental health as well as raise public awareness about this issue. In addition, IDRAAC offers trainings and implements community programs and services in prevention and intervention for at-risk groups.

IDRAAC is located in Beirut, Lebanon and is affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center and Balamand University, Faculty of Medicine.

If you want to know more about IDRAAC, you can visit their website:

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2 Responses to The Social Experiment event at SkyBar

  1. Cessy says:

    Why don’t you post often on your blog???!!!

    • Marie says:

      Yeah I know.. I should 😦 I just don’t always find the time to write.. I should put more effort in it.. Do you like it so far?

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