Hélène Ségara, Ehden and the Night

Yesterday, me and 2 friends went all the way up from Beirut to Ehden to attend Hélène Ségara’s concert in Ehdeniyat Festival. After a 2 hours road trip and 1 hour later than indicated on the ticket, the concert kicked off. The stage was beautifully located on a hill, at the feet of a mountain full of trees that were lighted beautifully during the whole time of the concert. Everything was promising a magical night.

Hélène Ségara entered the stage in a long white dress that added to the magic already floating in the air. She filled the space with a pure, strong yet soft, beautiful voice.

She sang beautifully with the screen patterns behind her changing to the mood of every song. Images of roses, a sky, autumn leaves, a flying bird… filled our eyes and drew smiles on our faces.

One of the most magical moments was when Hélène Ségara got on her knees singing an Ave Maria with the picture of Saydit-el-Hosn on the screen behind her.

Hélène Ségara performed many types of songs: romantic, pop, ballad, rock… in many languages: french, italian, indian and even arabic with “Harramet A7ebbak” by Warda! She was full of humor, throwing jokes and interacting with the audience.

She, of course!, ended the concert with “Elle, tu l’aimes” and came back for an encore, singing an acapella “Tu vas me quitter” and re-performing “Elle, tu l’aimes” to an audience that was standing at her feet by the end of the concert.

I was really impressed by Hélène Ségara. She went far beyond my expectations and gave a wonderful performance. She announced that “Notre Dame de Paris” play will be back and will perform in Paris soon and that she’s working on bringing it back to Lebanon as well!

I wouldn’t want to miss that!

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2 Responses to Hélène Ségara, Ehden and the Night

  1. Jad Hallit says:


  2. shantyfairy says:

    Lucky you!! She has a great voice!!

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