Be their CHANCE

CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) is a Lebanese non-profit Association that helps kids with Cancers and blood disorders. It is mainly active at St-George Hospital, Hotel-Dieu Hospital, Rizk Hospital, Abou-Jaoude Hospital, etc… and it relies entirely on volunteer work and donations. A couple of years ago, I used to be an active volunteer with them and had some great time visiting children in hospitals and playing with them, preparing outings and organizing events. I’m no longer participating (I don’t know why, I should though) but it’s an association that is very dear to my heart because I know they are working fully from their heart and are doing a great work.

CHANCE was founded in 2002 by doctors, parents & volunteers so that EVERY child in Lebanon can receive the best CHANCE to be saved. CHANCE will be hosting a glamorous evening at SKY BAR, on August 22, 2011, including:

  • live pop opera performances by Teddy Nasr, winner of a 2010 Murex award and Corinne Metni,
  • Fady and his magical drum show,
  • a fashion show inspired by the word CHANCE by famous lebanese designers, T-shirts/tops will be presented by Famous lebanese personalities from the media and TV world and Miss Lebanon and of-course the SKYBAR Music and Magical Ambiance…

I’m helping spread the word and I wish you can do that too. The previous events from last year and the year before were a success and hopefully this year it’s gonna be an unforgettable evening!

Tickets are $150 for seated dinner and drinks starting 8:30 pm and $60 for open bar starting 10:30 pm. The tickets are on sale at VIRGIN Ticketing and with all CHANCE committee and volunteers. Jean Fares Couture will be offering to the first winner of the raffle a 12,000$ gown that was worn in Cannes by Paris Hilton!!

Through the support of individuals like you, CHANCE is able to continue to provide in Lebanon, exceptional medical care to needy families and children suffering from cancer.

You can find out more about CHANCE on their website and Facebook page.

Be their CHANCE and make a difference!

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2 Responses to Be their CHANCE

  1. Maria says:

    I wish the CHANCE association good luck in this event , and thank them for all the efforts they are doing .
    and don’t worry you are helping out by spreading the word that is great work too .

  2. I would have loved to be at this event. Sounds like fun! Continued success with your fundraisers.

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