New Experiences

It is always good to learn something new, to visit a new place, to meet new people and to do stuff you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing.

Learning should be an on-going process. It only makes you a better person. That’s why, I recently wrote down a list of the things I want to learn soon and I started working on making it happen. Among the items on my list:

– Photography (already got myself the deal with Dar Al-Mussawir on GoNabit)
– Makeup (started by watching some youtube tutorials, and asked Shanty for some help :D)
– Cooking (looking for tutors, already found one!)
– Trying out new restaurants and learning more about food (too many choices in Lebanon, any special recommendation?)
– Riding a bike (hmmm, yeah believe it)
– Professional Swimming (maybe next summer but definitely on my list)
– Learning more about literature, authors, books… (related to my passion for The CUBE and my work)

What about you? Is there something you really wanna learn how to do? (I may steal some ideas and add them to my list 😉 ) Any feedback/help is more than welcome!!

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8 Responses to New Experiences

  1. I like your list specially the cooking part! I want to learn how to Rollerblade!!! This is the first on my things to learn/do before i die!

  2. It’s always a good trait in the person to keep on learning and allowing himself or herself to learn new stuff and never assume he/she knows it all.

    That flexibility in mind that tells you to learn more and more, makes you a successful person.

    I experience this myself and I never get enough from learning from almost all incidents I face, people I meet, or situations I am put in.

    Have a nice day,

  3. CHANTAL says:

    Thank you for the mention 🙂
    It’s a good idea to have such a list & hope you’ll achieve them all!!
    I also need some photography lessons & I would like to take make-up courses to see how the professionals work 😉

  4. Amouly says:

    I like your list and i think i should have my own
    The cooking part is a great idea
    I’m a total book worm, books r my profession i’m a librarian
    What about dancing, have u ever though about taking some lessons? Danse de Salon, Oriental Dancing. Always wanted to try that.
    as if u r an art person, u can learn t play an instrument.
    I also like fashion so what about handmade jewelry, mom is 62 and she took a course on jewelry couple of months ago!

  5. cynthia says:

    i love the idea of the list it s amazing!for the swimming i can help i m professional swimmer!i recommand u to visit ksar in jbeil the food and the service are both exellent!i would like to try scuba diving

  6. This post made me think about my own list! I’m actually going through the “we only live once and we should do everything we want to do” phase. I’m going for more extreme stuff myself.. will go next weekend to La reserve Afqa for some extreme sports. I asked a friend to teach me diving. etc… you can steal that 😛

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