Green Carrot

I finally visited Green Carrot restaurant last week in Abd El Wahab Street – Achrafieh. If you never heard of it before, Green Carrot is a restaurant who mainly offers salad. You can select a pre-prepared salad or you can build your own salad by choosing its size and all of its ingredients from a wide variety of choices.

The restaurant looks nice and neat, the personnel is welcoming and helpful, ready to guide through your choice of salad. The Giant Salad is conforming to its name, quite big and fresh. Also, the price is fair and square.

Delivery is done throughout Beirut and the biggest advantage is that you can order your salad online by ticking the ingredients on the form that is available on the website. And it works like a charm!

But, and there is always a but. I found that the website is “weak”, it needs some re-building and re-design SPECIALLY that it was brought to my attention that the concept and the website itself have a big resemblance with a Mexican Grill Restaurant named “Chipotle” in the US. You can check its website here.

I might not mind that, as long as the place is nice and the food is good. But what I really mind is that on the Green Carrot website, you find the exact same pictures of the items on Chipotle Menu:

The Chipotle salad wrap

The Green Carrot salad wrap

You can also find the same wording:

On the Chipotle website

On the Green Carrot website

Copying an image and a slogan is called plagiarism! And it is not accepted for a restaurant to display images of items that are not their own (I wonder how many restaurants in Lebanon do that, I bet quite a lot). Moreover, if you read the story of Green Carrot on the website, it makes it seems as the most original idea and concept.

Dear Green Carrot owners, if you ever read this, do not get me wrong. I like your restaurant, I like the food but we, as customers, deserve some integrity. Please take this post as an innocent shoutout and a wish to see you getting to a more advanced and professional level that will only benefit you.
PS. Another quick advice, be more active on twitter!

Dear Reader, nevertheless, Green Carrot is THE place for you if you are a salad lover.

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