Social Media Week Beirut

Where: different locations around Beirut

When: 19-23 September 2011

What: Social Media Week’s mission is to explore how local and regional societies, cultures, and economies are becoming more integrated & empowered through a global network of communication.

Why: Social Media Week brings hundreds of thousands of people together every year through learning experiences that aim to advance our understanding of social media’s role in society.

About: Social Media Week was held for the first time in February 2009 in New York City, and was launched as a “distributed conference,” with events taking place in locations throughout the city with organizations such as the New York Times, Wired, Razorfish and Nielsen. Over 2,500 people attended over forty individual events, and thousands more participated online.

In February 2010, SMW was expanded from one to six cities, reconvening in New York while adding London, Berlin, San Francisco, Toronto and São Paulo. The multi-city evolution of Social Media Week attracted more than 7,500 attendees across 200 events.

In September 2010, the conference was made biannual, adding Los Angeles, Milan, Bogotá, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires.

The February 2011 edition of Social Media Week was the biggest yet, with five cities returning from February 2010–New York, London, San Francisco, Toronto and São Paulo–and four new cities taking part: Istanbul, Hong Kong, Paris, and Rome. With over 30,000 attendees worldwide attending 600+ events, Social Media Week became a truly global experience connecting people all over the world across eight countries and four continents.

And finally September 2011 edition reached BEIRUT!

What you need to do:
1- Go to
2- Select Beirut
3- Check the 5 days schedule
4- Pick the sessions you want to attend and register to each session (you need to create an account first)

For Updates: Check the Facebook page and the Twitter account (follow the #SMWBeirut hashtag).

I will be attending many sessions during the 5 days and will be a speaker on the last day talking about Antoine Online. Hope to see you there!!

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