Westgate Diner

This is an overdue post. It’s been quite busy! I’m writing this to introduce you to a new restaurant that opened in Kaslik recently. Yeah I know, new restaurants opening in Lebanon is quite a common thing but I think that you should give Westgate Diner a try.

The restaurant has an American style and looks nice from the inside with lots of funny gadgets hanging. It has 2 floors (the upper level being an open-air area for now) and a cozy area outside.

The staff is friendly and the food is very tasteful and well presented. You’ll be welcomed with delicious bagels and a special sauce.

Me and my friends went for burgers. You can check the full menu here. We tried the Roadrunner Burger, the Chicken Mushroom Burger and the Westgate Burger (check pictures in that order)… All delicious!

And we ended it with desserts, we had Chocolate mousse and Tiramisu. Tiramisu was ok but the Chocolate mousse was heavenly great!

In addition to being a nice place with a nice atmosphere and good food, Westgate Diner seems to be giving quite an importance to social media. They are very active on their Facebook page and Twitter account and seem to have some good ideas to attract people (they offered free meals for 2 for Facebook fans and Twitter followers who called for a reservation over a couple of days).

PS. You can ask for the free wifi access, you’ll get a username and password that gives you access to 4 hours of internet that can be used over 5 days (good strategy especially that the restaurant is right next to USEK). Moreover there are plugs installed under each table to facilitate the use of laptops.

I will definitely be visiting Westgate Diner again soon, especially that I want to try their Pain Perdu that is supposedly a delight!

PS. Did that and didn’t regret it!! Check the pic below, you’ll get what I mean!

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4 Responses to Westgate Diner

  1. Rabih A. says:

    The burgers look small, but the dessert look very appealing

  2. Elie says:

    Nice post Marie. The pain perdu at westgate is indeed very good ! As for the burger size it’s standard size just like Roadster(Regular not the 220) , Crepaway or CBJ.

  3. The chocolate mousse… wow! can’t find the words!!

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