Dar al Mussawir – دار المصوّر

If you already read this post you’d know that photography is one of the things I like to learn about. And so I did, after purchasing a deal on GoNabit, now LivingSocial. I went to a crash course of 3-sessions at Dar al Mussawir – Hamra, and did not regret it!! First because I learned some basic stuff about photography but mostly because I got introduced to Dar al Mussawir.

Dar al Mussawir is located in Hamra, Rome Street, Wardeyyeh and is a multi-functional space housing a dark room, photo printing facilities, gallery space, a library of books & material on photography, a studio, and a room for photography training workshops. It is a very nice place and will make any photographer go ecstatic.

The people working for this project are very talented photographers but mostly nice, welcoming and warm people for whom photography is not only a passion but also a mission. The Dar aims to be a hub for all those involved and interested in photography and seeks to build a community of photographers and photo enthusiasts who will together share ideas, develop skills and cultivate their interests.

In that sense, The Dar is organizing many activities such as workshops, meetings with photographers and Weekly Photography Outings around Lebanon where professionals and amateurs exchange and share their experience and points of view.

If you are a photographer or a photography fan (like me), I invite you to visit Dar al Mussawir, get to know this wonderful project and attend the weekly outings. Or you can just start by checking their Facebook page or Twitter account and connect with them.

PS. I got to borrow a cam from Dar al Mussawir and try shooting, these are some of the pictures I took.

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2 Responses to Dar al Mussawir – دار المصوّر

  1. Chantal says:

    Nice pictures Marie!!

  2. Rana says:

    Such a great initiative, thank you for sharing !!

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