Lebanese Girls and Botox

If you lived in Lebanon or even visited it in the last 10 years, you would know exactly what i am talking about. Ever since Nancy Ajram made her breakthrough with “Akhasmak Ah” song back in 2003, this is what girls started to look like:

Small nose, augmented cheeks, filled lips.

And these are just basic interventions. Facelift, Brow Lift, Eyelid lift and the list goes on.

Not so good looking girls (not to say ugly), used these surgeries to “enhance” their looks. In most cases, it was a complete makeover and you’d barely recognize them after surgery (we all received those celebrities before/after pictures).

But this is not the point behind my post. My point is that I may understand those girls, even though in most cases they got uglier, not to mention the whole plastic/fake look, but I can’t understand the beautiful girls, and more, former beauty queens.

Check these very recent photos of Nadine Nassib Njeim (last saturday). My first reaction was: WHY?
Maybe she looks more beautiful. So what do you think? Does she?

This is just Nadine, I’m sure lots of other beautiful girls did and will be doing the same and this is just sad. I can’t help but questioning the motive behind it.
Did these surgeries establish a beauty standard that even beautiful girls should abide by? Is natural beauty just not enough anymore?

*Updated* Nadine Njeim during Miss Lebanon election.

*PS. I love both Nancy Ajram and Nadine Njeim, fans don’t insult me!

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16 Responses to Lebanese Girls and Botox

  1. johnny says:

    Lame blog!

    • Marie says:

      oh wow 😀 got my 1st negative comment! Thank you Johnny for participating to my blogging experience. You’re free not to read the blog if you don’t like it, I don’t expect everyone to like every single post 🙂

  2. A Bare Truth says:

    I don’t know what she looked like before but the work she done is definitely more natural than other Lebanese starlets

    • Marie says:

      I added a picture at the end of the post. Yes, she is and she is still beautiful. I’m just saying that she didn’t need it.

  3. dee3ana nadine, i used to think she’s one of the prettiest girls in lebanon. and i also thought she had lots of confidence. i wonder what kind of peer pressure they go through that makes them mutilate themselves as such.

  4. kalynor says:

    Me too i don’t know what she looked like before, and she does look pretty. Now why even “beautiful” girls are undergoing surgery, well don’t forget we are in Lebanon, so everyone and it’s neighbor want the exact same thing the other has, and they base their beauty on a certain criteria, not on their uniqueness..I always resort to Meryl Streep as an example, i find her gorgeous even though she doesn’t fit the “lebanese” beauty agenda!

  5. Amira MOURAD says:

    Marie are you sure she did it? cause sometimes photos make us look so different than how we look in reality!
    It happens sometimes that if we have big lips or big cheeks to look bigger in a certain photo 🙂 and i can give u proofs!
    Still i do totally agree that it is tooo bad that beautiful girls are using these surgeries to enhance their look!!

  6. joycemouawad says:


    I really like that someone mentioned this BOTOX phenomenon that is making all Lebanese girls look alike…
    I hate how every girl wants the same nose, the same lips, the same cheeks! why don’t they just be satisfied with how they were born and if they wana undergo a surgery , simply change some minor details and not their entire aspect!

  7. Marie I think you should have a bit more attitude. Don’t be reluctant to point out the role that these women who are in the spotlight play in promoting the idea that it’s business as usual for girls to get “fixed”. Don’t shy away from making the social commentary that you’re slipping in between the lines, and if some fans take it personally because their adored starlet has been criticized.. well as Bender would say they could “kiss my shiny metal ass”.
    Cheers !

  8. It actually saddens me and evenmore sickens me the way plastic surgery is being abused in Lebanon. People fail to realize they’re each created with unique beauty and it is in fact their “flaws” that make them special. Instead they all want to look the same, have the same nose, face structure and all. I personally find girls with not so perfect noses to be extremely attractive, because it gives a whole character to the girl. It’s sad how girls (and even guys!) just want to get rid of what makes them unique so they can look all the same.

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