Mike Massy: Not so usual Arabic songs

It’s been almost 2 weeks that I have Mike Massy’s new CD “Ya Zaman” playing in my car and I really like it. I’m mostly happy to be listening to arabic songs with a new style, nice meaningful lyrics and exquisite music.

Many talented Lebanese artists are not being recognized because of the wave of bad music that is bombarding us every day, and Mike Massy is a true talent. I loved the portrayal of true emotions, the authenticity of the lyrics, which we’re missing nowadays, and the beauty of the music. It was a good change from all the rubbish we’re being fed from radio stations and TV channels. I really wonder how much these stations are playing Mike Massy songs. I think just as much as they play Fayrouz “Fi Amal” songs.

So if you’re sick and tired like me of hearing stupid arabic songs with gross titles, check some of Mike Massy songs.
I also loved “Khalasna Ba2a” video. It really shows the nature of this artist.

If you want to know more about Mike Massy and this album, check his Facebook page, this interview and the below documentary.

Hope you enjoy!

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2 Responses to Mike Massy: Not so usual Arabic songs

  1. hishamad says:

    He has a great talent.
    He was a star in the christian songs industry, he has a great voice and style of songs.
    I havent listened to the album, but i have read many good reviews about it.
    i hope he would survive the vicious music industry these days with monsters like Rotana and Melody controlling the production.

    Indie music is the breath we take at such times. They have serious talents

  2. Tova says:

    He is truly my favorite Arab singer, his voice is like an angel’s whisper! His mix of Western and Lebanese-style instrumentals with the passionate, beautifully-written lyrics makes him stand out amongst the mainstream singers, wallahi!! If I need to feel better from a long day at work or just need a bit of something to relax to, I turn on his songs. His song “Ghayer Lawn Ouyunik” is so raw, so emotional! The music video says a lot! I found him during a hard time in my life and believe me, his music has impacted me more than he would think. He gets a 2 hands up frome this Arabic-speaking Jewish American! ^_^ ♡

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