Instrumental music

Ok, I have a confession. I can’t listen to instrumental music for long, I get easily bored. I never felt it talked to me like lyrics do. Maybe I’m an ignorant, maybe I never took the time to really listen and educate myself and maybe I’m just too impatient.

Until the day I stumbled on this piece by Walid Nahas, I thought I’m doomed to be a passionless music listener.

I don’t know how and why, these tunes has seeped into my soul. I can put it on repeat for an hour. I mostly love the sad sound of the harmonica.

Another instrumental that I love is this track by Jihad Akl. It gives me positive energy, always makes me smile and feel like dancing.

Also, this track from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin affects me deeply

So, after all, I’m not a hopeless case. I’m gonna get myself some CDs (especially this CD by Walid Nahas) and learn to be patient! Any recommendations?

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