A getaway weekend in France: Part II

Charming and beautiful, St-Malo, which is located some 50 Km away from Mont Saint-Michel, is as impressive and magical as the latter.

St-Malo port

Saint Malo is a walled port city in Brittany in northwestern France on the English Channel. It is a sub-prefecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine. (Source:Wikipedia)

The walled grey granite Old Town of St-Malo is the main tourist attraction for visitors to the area.

St-Malo is an ancient walled city with a port, beaches, fortifications, tidal islands, a castle, a cathedral, old buildings and streets crammed with hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

St-Malo Old city

It is possible to walk almost the complete circuit of the walls. The view back to the walled city is breathtaking!

We walked to the other side of the ramparts and with the tides being low we could walk on the sand to reach the several rocky islands. Timetables are available at the Porte St-Pierre gate to provide guidance on beating the rising tide.

St-Malo Castle

Dating back to 1689, Fort National was designed by Vauban along with the other defences surrounding St-Malo to protect the French corsairs from English incursions. It never fell to enemy action.

We walked to Grand Be where we could see the resting place of St-Malo’s famous son, the French politician and romantic writer, Chateaubriand.

St-Malo Chateaubriand tomb

On his own instructions, Chateaubriand was buried here in 1848 under a simple cross facing out to sea.

I am pretty sure that Chateaubriand is resting in peace! The whole place is peaceful and I just love the sound of seagulls.

St-Malo seagulls

I got myself a small box to hear the seagulls sounds every time I’m feeling nostalgic 🙂

No wonder that St-Malo is the most visited place in Brittany!

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