My week in pictures #1

Summer in Lebanon is just fun! -When they are not burning tires or doing similar stupid stuff- Beach days, cool nights at the mountains, lots of events and nice outdoor activities all summer long!

This week, I had my (non-professional) camera on me at all the times, and I captured some of the fun, relaxing moments of my week.

Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

At Phoenicia Hotel Beirut, for the book launching of “Le Phoenicia, un hôtel dans l’Histoire”

Dar Bistro & Books Hamra

Dar Bistro & Books Hamra on a comfortable, breezy saturday afternoon

Jounieh Festival

Fireworks at Jounieh International Festival

republic bar

Saturday night in Beirut

republic arguile

Wherever you go!


A summer birthday celebration

Lebanon cherries cerises

Don’t you just love cherries?

Berbara Lebanon pool

There is always a piece of heaven, hidden somewhere.

Lebanon sunset

A beautiful sunset that marks the end of a beautiful week.

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1 Response to My week in pictures #1

  1. It must have been a really lovely week 🙂
    Love the photos!

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