Urbanista, a refreshing space in Gemmayzeh

A couple of weeks ago, I visited “Urbanista” the newly opened restaurant-café in Gemmayzeh and I loved it!

At first, you’ll be surprised by how spacious the place is!

Urbanista Gemmayzeh-pic1

It even has a small, cutely decorated, terrace at the back.

Urbanista terrace

Being a convicted bookworm, I was so happy to see the reading/working corner along with the bookshelves.

Urbanista reading corner

Urbanista bookshelves

The menu is well varied (breakfast, salad bar, platters, hot and cold sandwiches, coffee, desserts, juices and drinks) with a special something added to every item. I ordered the Rosemary Chicken sandwich on a rosemary bio baguette. It was delicious!

Urbanista rosemary chicken

There’s also a section at the entrance with home decoration items for sale.

Urbanista-pic 6-items for sale

The place is comfortable, chilling and suitable for any time of the day. You should check it out!

Urbanista-pic 7-entrance

  • Address: Yanni Bldg, Gouraud Str, next to Le Rouge
  • Phone Number: 01-567811
  • Open Hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 am
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