My Nokia surprise

2 weeks ago, I got a call from Nokia Lebanon asking for my address to deliver a package. 2 hours later a guy walks in with balloons and a snow ball. I first thought that this thing was related to my birthday, that was few days ago, but looking at my twitter timeline, I saw that other tweeps got the same package as well.

Next I received a clue by email, a pixelised picture of what looked like the back of a phone. And the following day, a new set of balloons was delivered with a light bulb this time.

Some tweeps had already figured it out, but I had never heard of the Lumia 900 till I had it in my hands last week during the gathering I was invited to by Nokia. Nokia peeps presented the phone in a decorated room full of balloons, colorful cakes and juices. Everything reflected the freshness and the beautiful design of this Nokia phone.

Following this campaign, I, along with other lebanese bloggers and tweeps, got to try the phone for 5 months. Lumi is the Finnish word for snow and Lumia is an art created from light, hence the 2 clues we received.

I totally share Najib‘s First Impression: Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. I thought that I was done with Nokia after my bad experience with the E72 but I am happily willing to give this phone and maybe the expected Windows 8 phone a try.

I would also like to give Nokia Lebanon team credit for the nice campaign to introduce the phone to Lebanese bloggers, specially that it is very handy for heavy social media users.

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