Douma, one of Lebanon’s most beautiful villages

Last sunday, I visited Douma for the first time. I stood in awe at the side of the road looking down at this beautiful village sitting peacefully in a valley, surrounded by mountains.

Douma village, Lebanon

Douma is a Lebanese village located at an altitude of 1000 m and is 80 km from Beirut. It is a part of Batroun District. As you can see in the above picture, almost all its houses are made of red brick. It enjoys a unique temperate climate praised by physicians as the ultimate place of medical refuge. Its ground is rich and welcomes all sorts of plants and has an abundance olive trees, vine and apple trees. [source]

I grabbed my cam and took a walk in the old souks and between houses. People were so welcoming, smiling back and inviting us to take more pictures. They are now used to see cameras, celebrities and directors taking shots for movies, ads and video clips. Nadine Labaki and her crew occupied it for 5 weeks for the shooting of W Halla2 La Wein? movie.

Douma’s habitants are strong supporters of cinema. A movie theater is under preparation with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

Some of the pictures I took in Douma:

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6 Responses to Douma, one of Lebanon’s most beautiful villages

  1. Nicole says:

    I too have been to Douma many times, it calls you back because its in your blood.

  2. ALFRED INA says:


  3. My Husband and I are both from Douma! It was names the Greatest Tourism village. It also holds many key grounds for Christians, having almost 15 sanctuaries, churches, or saint monasteries. The greatest village in Lebanon!

  4. virginia sawaya says:

    My father was born in Douma in 1899 and came to America in 1917. He never forgot Douma and spoke of it so often. I wish I could visit this beautiful piece of land in this ancient country.
    God bless Douma, its people, Lebanon all the Arab countries.

  5. joezaarour says:

    hi any commendations on places to stay hotel/furnished apartments? thx

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