Shakespeare & Co, the restaurant

During my trip to Dubai last week, I found the cutest restaurant ever. Named after the historical bookstore in Paris (I assume), Shakespeare & Co offers a cozy and chic ambiance in a beautiful Victorian style decor.

Shakespeare and Co restaurant in Dubai Marina Mall

According to their website, Shakespeare and Co. was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2000, and opened its first outlet in February, 2001. Since its establishment, Shakespeare and Co. has grown to 12 restaurants in the UAE and has been further enhanced by the establishment of Shakespeare and Co. Floral Creations, Shakespeare and Co. Pâtisserie, Shakespeare and Co. Catering, and Shakespeare and Co. Chocolates.

Internationally, Shakespeare and Co. has franchise locations in many countries and oh to my surprise in Lebanon according to the menu. I inquired about that since I never saw it in Lebanon and was informed that it has recently opened in Dbayeh.

I paid it a visit yesterday and was delighted to see that it is a franchise that offers the exact same experience and that it has opened its doors only a week ago. My notes:

  • The menu is well varied with some very interesting suggestions for breakfast.
  • The decor is breathtaking.
  • Value for money is fair.
  • Food is good.
  • Loved the butter with herbs served with the bread.
  • Staff is friendly.
  • Music should be changed from classic to soft rock, pop and some feel-good songs!

And last but not least you should definitely visit it! It is on the Dbayeh highway opposite side to ABC and Le Mall. You need to take the junction that gets you to Shtrumf/Chopsticks. Or you can access it from the seaside road.

You can find them on Facebook or call: +961 71 008 448.

Note: I’m happy to see that a bigger branch of Goûtons Voir is opening facing it soon!

Check some of the pictures I took with my Nokia Lumia 900.

Shakespeare and Co, Lebanon branch

Chicken Satay, a good starter

Shakespeare Club. The fries came cold but the waiter was nice enough to get us new hot ones.

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