Help Dania Bdeir film “Meshkal”

Meshkal -Kaleidoscope in Arabic- is Dania Bdeir’s pre-thesis project in the graduate film program at New York Universityʼs Tisch School of the Arts. It is going to be shot on location in Beirut, Lebanon in January 2013 and is scheduled to be done by May 2013.

I loved the idea of Meshkal after watching this video shared by Blog Baladi:

Amer is a 7 year old boy with a wild and magical imagination. Meshkal, inspired by true events, is the story of Amer’s journey as he sneaks into his dad’s car in the middle of the night and goes tire burning with him. 
Why is this film important?
Tire burning is a very common form of protest in Lebanon and the middle east. It is the Working class’ way of expressing anger, and of being heard.
Really begs the question, what kind of country do we live in where this is the way the people express themselves. What is this vicious cycle where the system ignores the people who then react this way and teach their children that this is the only way to stand up for one’s dignity.
So instead of deeming all these men as barbarians, and just ignoring them and their tires, which is what we generally do in Lebanon, as we just find a different road to take, Meshkal goes into the lives of these men and challenges what we often take for granted: Why are these men on the streets burning tires? 
This story means a lot to me as I’m sure it will to a lot of Lebanese people. Anyone who’s ever really tried believing in this country, and believing in its colors and spirit, will relate to Amer.  

I totally agree with Dania and really sympathized with her project. You can check out more information on the short film here and contribute here.

** If you are a Lebanese cardholder and would like to contribute to Meshkal, follow this link.

You can also check the movie’s Facebook page.

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