Lebanon: STOP watching, DO something

Two sensitive Lebanese ladies started an initiative after Lebanon’s crazy storm last week and decided to STOP watching and DO something.


They started it among their group of friends and thanks to Facebook, the campaign reached friends of friends and so on. As they said, “Many Lebanese families and arab refugees are living in poverty, starving and shivering in Beirut. Women and kids living in a room or should we say closet, having no or limited income, waiting for any humanitarian help.

Regardless the political point of view of each one of us, we are human beings above all this, sisters and brothers in humanity. Watching this misery and doing nothing is unacceptable.”

And so they created a facebook group to provide some help (blankets, old clothes, heaters, food, job opportunities) for any family in need and succeeded in helping 36 persons in a week by distributing 120 pieces of clothes; a bag full of kids-wear; scarves and hats for kids; a bag full of shoes; 10 blankets; 2 quilts; 2 large pillows; a gas heater; food and medicines.



I am really happy to see that there are still many people who feel concerned by the misfortune of their fellow citizens and that they have the drive to do something and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Hats off to Diane and Manal and to everyone who is participating in this initiative.

If you would like to donate you can get in contact with them here:


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