Cassis: port, calanques and Marcel Pagnol

Cassis, a beautiful village situated east of Marseille southern France, is a very interesting destination. Its harbor, cliffs and the sheltered inlets called calanques, make it a trip you shouldn’t miss.

Cassis port

The most important part of your visit should be the hike in the Massif des Calanques. We only walked through the part of it located in Cassis since the massif extends for 20 km in length and 4 km in width along the coast between Marseille and Cassis, as you can see on this calanque map. Port Miou is the nearest of these calanques, and the easiest one to reach from the centre of town. You can take a taxi from the harbor, a minibus, the petit train touristique or even walk to the starting point of the hike.

Cassis Port Miou

Cassis Port Miou 2

The easiest hike is through the three calanques: Port Miou, Port Pin and En Vau. It takes about 3 hours one way, so leave early in the morning, wear good shoes, pack your own food and water (there is no place to buy). This hiking trail is called the “Sentier du Petit Prince”, after The Little Prince.

Calanques CassisYou can have your lunch right by this breathtaking shore while enjoying the gorgeous view.

Calanques Cassis beach

And continue up the hills and be mesmerized by this view.

Calanques Cassis view

Once you are back from your hike, you can enjoy an early dinner at one of the restaurants by the port. If you are a book junkie like myself, you will know that the famous french author Marcel Pagnol was born in Aubagne, not far from Cassis and Marseille, and that his famous trilogie marseillaise Marius, Fanny, César has left an unforgettable mark in the history of the region. You will see it in the pictures hanged here and there, the souvenirs sold and the names of some bars and restaurants.

Chez Cesar CassisAnd so I found myself happily eating at Chez César along with my Marcel Pagnol book.

Chez Cesar Cassis Marcel Pagnol Fanny

Fenetres de Cassis, FranceWe walked down the small streets of Cassis until it was time to leave, and this magical day was over!

Train Cassis

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