• Name: Marie Nakhle
  • Born on: 18/11/1986
  • Location: Beirut, Lebanon
  • About:This blog is a mixture of many little things I see, do, feel, like or don’t… all the little puzzle pieces of my life that makes it what it is.

    I post about events in Lebanonmusicfashion and social media. I share some photographythoughtstravel diaries and reviews of booksmovies and restaurants.

    I am a member and one of the founders of The Cube, Lebanon, an “online” book club.

    I also work at Keeward, which I think is pretty cool.

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My blog, as viewed by Lebanon Aggregator, featured in Ragmag magazine


Please read this disclaimer about photos I post on this blog:
I am assuming that photos with no special mention of photographer in the description are public domain. They are photos I have found around the web on various web pages and did not have a photo credit with them when I first found the photo.
I will try to do some research so I can at least give credit to the artist. I make no money from these photos and take no credit for any of them.
And just because there is a photographer’s name listed next to the picture does not mean I have permission from that photographer.
If you are one of the photographers whose photo(s) I am using, please contact me so I will know your photo is not public domain and we can discuss permission to post your work.

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